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If you would like to learn about Trooper’s Journey, click here.

Kathy Cipriani and Kim Abbs are the founders of Last Paw Rescue. We came with a few friends and had nothing but an idea of what a rescue was to us. We did not have any money or any fancy plans but what we had was dedication.  We had volunteered for another rescue and wanted to do things differently. So December 20, 2012 Last Paw Rescue was born! We say born because it was like giving life to something!

We got a lucky break with our first group of dogs due to a great contact of one of our previous directors and got a group of dogs fully vetted! After that it was hard work and lots of help from amazing people along the way!  We have been very fortunate to have the support and guidance of two great veterinarians who with out them we would not be here today!

It has not been easy, but along the way we have met so many wonderful people that have made it possible! Today we have been lucky to have found homes for well over 1400 dogs in need! We have seen our volunteers help to open a dog park!  We have the most amazing volunteers, partners and adopters. We look forward to finding more people who share the vision that “every dog needs a home!”12625924_10206169783539776_1600907187_n

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